It’s Ok to Get Them Dirty

Dear FlyLady,

My mother and grandmother came to help me move in to a new house this past weekend. Both of them are born organized always have super clean spotless houses and do it effortlessly. Neither understand how anyone else can have any clutter or chaos; it’s just that simple to them.
So a special order cleaning “gadget” seemed ridiculous to the both of them. That is until we started wiping everything down with a purple rag. Everything was covered and had a nasty film. My 73 year old grandmother who has cleaned houses her entire life admitted the she was super impressed and asked me to order her a set of the miracle rags.
She was amazed at how no matter how much she wiped off the sticky stuff globs of dust everything would just wash off of the rag and she can move on to the next task. They are incredible!FlyBaby A.

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