September Habit #29 A Great And Easy System


Dear FlyLady,

“They” say to leave your small appliances out, so you will use them. But I prefer a clean counter top. If it’s part of your ‘before bed routine’, you can still keep your kitchen area neat with very little effort.

I have a small kitchen, but since a clear counter top is a priority for me, I made space to stash my ‘equipment’ in the lower cupboards. Just before bedtime, I set out my keurig (if) and juicer (always). The food processor may be added, if i need to make food for the pups. When smoothies are on the breakfast menu, out comes the blender.

In the morning I make juice; veggies are already cut and ready. Clean up is kept to a minimum with hot, soapy water in the sink. The dogs get the vegetable fiber, i drink the juice, while wiping down the appliances and putting them away “immediately!”

The dogs get fed, my breakfast is made, cleanup truly is speedy and before the day really begins, I can admire my clean, empty counter tops! What a great and easy system to make your own!

An AZ Gramma, never too old to learn

Dear Fellow FlyBabies,

Do not let a lack of funds to buy the wonderful tools suggested in the FlyLady emails deter you from Flying.

Use What You Have:

My husband, kids, and I use the timers on our microwave and stove with great success to keep us on task, to remember when to switch the laundry, etc. I almost convinced myself that I couldn’t Fly outside hearing range of those timers because I don’t have a portable one. Then I realized that my cell phone, that goes everywhere with me, has one built into the alarm clock which I use to wake up every morning. Not sure how I missed it but… no more excuses!

Give Yourself An Incentive:

How about writing down some goals then rewarding yourself when you achieve them. Here are some ideas to get you started:

* Do your morning routine for one week, earn a bag of Purple Rags in a Bag
* Shine your sink for 21 days, earn a Rubba Scrubba

For best results, use the “SMART” formula for goal-setting: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

As you declutter, you might find money or items to sell that will help you fill your FlyLady toolbox with purchases from the FlyShop. Post your results, then place an order.

Let’s go!

Fluttering in Michigan

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