Finally He Listened to Me

Dear FlyLady,

Along with everyone else, I kept reading about dryer lint and how it can cause problems. Well, about 2 months ago, my dryer hadn’t dried a load after 90 minutes, so I was ranting to my husband that he had to do something about this! I kept telling him “Flylady says we need to clean out the vent,” and his reply was always “How could anything be stuck in a 15′ straight slick pipe?!”

Finally, he listened to me (and you) and took the vent apart and was AMAZED how much lint was stuck in there! Although the long pipe is slick and straight, the moisture makes the lint stick like the pictures of cholesterol in your arteries! So keep telling people to clean out the vent.

I appreciate your positive attitude that keeps telling me “You can do this!” I need it.
​Fluttering in Indiana
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