Why Don’t You Write a Book about Homeschooling?

Dear FlyLady,
Why don’t you write a book about homeschooling with the principles of FlyLady put together? So many people need that encouragement.
FlyBaby Y.
Dear FlyBaby Y.
That is a great idea, but the only problem is I have never homeschooled. It is hard to write on a topic as important as educating your children when I am not acquainted with it.This is why I have set up a whole new section on our website. Check it out.
Homeschool Resource Section

Sign up for our new email group just for Homeschool families.
Check out our  Control Journals
Look at Tami Fox’s Blog and her book
Homeschool Manager: a great program to help with paperwork
Homeschooling Testimonials
Saving Dinner; What’s for Dinner
FlyLady Radio That section is still under construction. Here is a speech Tami and I gave. I posted it on August 11, scroll down.
If you are thinking about homeschooling or if you already are covered up in paperwork; we have a great tool for you from another FlyBaby. It is called Homeschool Manager. Elizabeth and her husband have help to simplify homeschooling record keeping. Elizabeth tells her FlyLady story on her website.
We have tools to help you! It all starts with simple habits. As they become automatic you tack another habit to it. Your routines are born.

Final Close-Out

12 oz Water Bottle 10.00

12 oz Water Bottle 10.00

This is our final countdown. We have to get the warehouse cleaned out! You have a few days to get the last of our   12 oz Water Bottles. They are $10.00.

You have till October 10, 2015. Get them now because on October 11, 2015 they will be out of the warehouse.
Get them while supplies last! If you have not gotten your calendar yet; take care of that too.
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