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Dear FlyLady,
I’ve recently seen the addition of colors to the Purple Rags in a Bag. I haven’t used any of them before, but I was just wondering if the silver and bronze rags work the same as the purple or do the different colors indicate a different way to use them? I’m waiting for a little extra money to buy them and am anxious and excited to try them after reading so many wonderful testimonies from other FlyBabies!
Thanks so much for all your help!
Fly Baby Katy in Iowa

Three Rags: Bronze, Purple, and Silver. In one small package for only, $11.95.

The rags are the same fabric just different colors. Some folks don’t like to cross contaminate their rags. That is why they asked for different colors.

Here are some examples: Silver – Kitchen, Purple – Bathroom, Bronze – the Dog!

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