I Could Not Stop Myself

Dear FlyLady,
I recently got my purple rags, and other than windows I haven’t used them much. After wiping down my counter-top with my regular dish rag, I decided to use my purple rag to dry it off. It worked well, almost like a chamois! After rinsing if out, and while I had it wet and in my hand, I decided to see how it would work on my glass stove top, and voila – clean and shiny! While I was there, I went ahead and cleaned the front of my oven as well. Impressive! Now, I can’t have it out and leave the sliding glass door all doggy-drooley-slimy, so away I go. Beautiful! Realizing that I had become side-tracked, I decided to put it away and leave trying it out on something else for another adventure!So as I’m headed to the laundry room, my DD comments on how she needs to clean her saddle. I suggest to her to use my handy-dandy purple rag. Concerned about leaving moisture on her saddle, I suggest using another dry purple rag to wipe it dry. She agrees, and after a few minutes she is calling me over to see her clean saddle! She said it looked like new – and this after having been to a horse show just a few days ago!What will we clean first next time?Blessings,
Fluttering in Texas

FlyLady here: We love finding a tool that inspires us to clean! If we make it fun it will get done!


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You have till October 10, 2015. Get them now because on October 11, 2015 they will be out of the warehouse.
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