I Found a Solution to Dirty Screens

Dear FlyLady,

OH MY GOSH! I have a rubba sweepa and even though I have read glowing testimonials about it, I honestly haven’t used it much….until today! I have a screened-in porch on our 1970’s house. 7 large non-removable screens and a screen door. I have absolutely dreaded cleaning them. They are full of dirt and cottony stuff. They frankly look horrible. I have tried vacuuming, whisk brooming, spraying them down with a hose; you name it.

Last year I resorted to gently wiping down each screen on each side with a rag. It took hours and no matter how careful I was, the screens got stretched a bit. Anyway, today I thought I would try the Rubba Sweepa. As I said, OH MY GOSH!!!

I started on the inside and watched the dirt just fly off. Then I went to the outside and was able to get all the cottony stuff off. Whole screen? 5 MINUTES! Well gotta go! 6 more plus a door to do. Just too excited not let you know what a great product.

Thank you!

FlyLady here: As soon as it quits raining I am going to try this on Robert’s Treehouse. We have all of our great rubba tools in one package.


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