October Habit #5 So Much Easier

Dear FlyLady,

Seems as if I’m usually 1 step ahead or behind a fly mission.

I have been working on paper clutter this year.

For September I have been really working hard at eliminating several  boxes of paper.

Funny this week its been control journals, emails, fly poems and testimonials since  1999. (1 – 6 litre large plastic tote bucket)

I am making extra control journals of the 3 or more copies over the years of zones, decluttering, missions, etc. They will be control journals for my dear nieces. My girls saw me fly over the years and are starting to follow my example.

It’s so sad all the time, laughter and memories that didn’t happen due to my clutter of stuff and chaos. There is light though and now my husband and I are working on downsizing, the future empty nest and smaller home.

It’s so much easier now to let go of the stuff and find mementos to display.

With the help of online flygroups and flyfriends I have met, the Goal and project this year seems easier with each box, item, piece of paper or broken toy.

So my paper clutter gets handled a lot in the early morning 3 a.m. on when my body wakes me with pain or my mind starting to whirl.

Since flying 1999 and having all the tools, somehow this SFB and decluttering step is so much easier.

Thank you for reaching out in 99 to your friend and coming online with the flysystem.


Anne in Kitchener

FlyLady here: Our habit for October is taming the paper monster.

Don’t be afraid to start tackling your piles of paper, 15 minutes at a time. Fling your perfectionism, you will never find the perfect system. Just create a filing system that makes sense to you.

Once you have a filing system you can make sorting your paperwork part
of your daily routine.

We are so please to offer the most helpful tools in our FlyShop for taming paper clutter:
You can do this!!


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