October Habit #6 Enormity Of Clutter

Dear FlyLady,
I have been reading your emails and attempting to use your methods for almost a year now. I am distinctly still a fluttering baby but much more contented than I was 12 months ago. (Just jump in where you are)It has been a very progressive year in that I have lost over half a stone in weight and cut my anti-depressant dose by a third. Much of my depression is linked to health issues. Dietary improvements and reflexology have really helped here.

I have managed to develop a morning routine that I’m achieving c.10 days/fortnight. The bane of my life is the enormity of clutter that I haven’t yet made much of a dent in. I haven’t failed, I know, but I do classify myself as a slow starter in this field. However, I am making big strides in the ‘good enough’ mind set and rarely beat myself up now. I have got quite good at spotting this unhelpful habit and accepting that I do love me and the majority of my foibles just need a tweek in my management style. Consequently, I pledge to average 15 minutes a day this month (October) of decluttering my “dead tree stocks!”

Whether I achieve this or not, I will donate money to The Woodland Trust. The envelope is addressed ready and placed in full view as a reminder.  I have already made the pre-emptive step of emailing the Post Office to cut down on my junk mail (took less than 5 minutes). I have 45 minutes of decluttering in the bag already and an almost full paper recycling bin + a car boot of cardboard. Oh and also, 2 carrier bags of paper backs ready to take to charity which I sorted last month and still need to get to their destination.

I would like to thank you very much for all your personal efforts that have resulted in my being able to access the resources that have helped me progress so far. I am confident now that I will keep progressing positively even though it may be e’er so slowly.

Love & regards to you, your team and every other flybaby out there

Diana UK

Dear FlyLady,

I am a 6 week old FlyBaby and my family and I can’t believe the difference it is making in our lives!

I will not bore you with ALL the positive changes flying has made for us but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share our experience with your stainless steel water bottles.

We (my DH and 3 DD’s) were at a track meet yesterday, mid 80’s, no clouds, it was hot. I had filled the water bottles at 7 AM ¼ of the way high with ice and cool water and was storing them in a black over the shoulder bag. As the girls would get thirsty they would find their way back to us throughout the meet for drinks.

My youngest DD (7) came at 10 AM. I opened up the SS bottle, she sipped, spit it out and exclaimed, “WOW! That’s cold!” My middle DD (9) came around 1 PM and she took her sip and shook her head and swallowed quickly. She was shocked that our water was so cold after so many hours. The bottles passed the true test when my oldest DD (13), who only drinks cold water, came up after her last race at 4:30 PM, dying of thirst, and she grabbed the bottle, drank the water, and finished it off by chewing on the ice that remained behind!

Before walking away she said, “That’s one of the FlyLady bottles, isn’t it?” I must admit that I was a skeptic but I am completely sold. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

FlyBaby from Maine

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