I Do Parlor Tricks for My Family

Dear FlyLady,

I just had to drop you a quick note and share the best compliment EVER for the purple rags. I use them for everything and do parlor tricks for family and friends by cleaning my windows and black stove with only a damp purple rag and a few swipes. My mom immediately ordered some when she saw me clean fingerprints off the window, but that’s not the compliment…

A few days ago, my husband grabbed one to clean raw shea butter (think consistency similar to petroleum jelly) from his glasses. Our two year old daughter manages to schmear them each evening during lotion time.

He jokingly asked me if they were made out of pieces of Superman’s cape. After using them to clean up Spackle dust and paint drips and drops on the walls, baseboards, ceiling, and washer and dryer (I don’t use tape) this weekend while painting my laundry room, I am convinced he’s on to something!

Another grateful Flybaby,
Jennifer in MI

FlyLady here: Do you want to see my parlor tricks? Watch what I can do with just plain water!

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