We are Not Behind

FlyLadyHomeschoolgroupHello FlyLady,

I had to tell you about the “God Breeze” I just had.  Actually, it hit like a “windstorm”, but I guess it needed to be like that to get my attention.I have been Flying/Fluttering for about 1 1/2 years.  Mostly fluttering lately.  I have homeschooled my nephew for about 5 years.  We love it, and YOU have helped it run a lot smoother since someone told me about you.  It has been great, until this last November.

My nephew was sick for about a week, so we took a “vacation” week.  The next week I was sick, so we took a “vacation” week.  My other nephew came to visit for 10 days, so…. you guessed it…..we took a vacation.   Then, the holidays came.    As you can see this put us behind in our studies.

After such a long break I had a hard time getting back in my routines, and so did my nephew.  All I heard was, “I don’t want to do school”.  (insert whine here)  Yes, homeschoolers have the same “I don’t want to go to school days” as public school kids.  🙂   The fact that we were already behind had me frustrated, and I felt “defeated”.  I got it in my head that we “have to catch up” with our lessons.

So, we have been struggling everyday only to get further behind in everything. Today was THE worst day.   I was sick for the last 4 days.  I was already upset that we were behind, I was not feeling well, I allowed my routines to fall a part for weeks, so the house is NOT ready for company…. I had gone back into my “perfectionist mode”  and it all needed to be “fixed” NOW!   EVERYONE in the house was miserable, because of MY attitude.  Something had to change.

Today, I came to the conclusion that we are not going to catch up, so we will start over.  I finally remembered that one of the blessings of homeschooling is FLEXIBILITY.  We can start our year, end it, take vacations, etc. whenever we want.  It’s OUR plan.  So, I made a new one.

Feeling much better about the situation I cleaned up the school room, which had been neglected, and thought “tomorrow is a new day”.  I was about to take my shower and get into bed when I decided to leave my Dear Nephew a note on the bathroom mirror.  I took a dry erase marker and wrote “We are not behind”…. as soon as I wrote “behind” I noticed my FlyLady cling on the mirror.  THERE WAS MY GOD BREEZE.

This whole time I had been trying to “catch up”, and I allowed it to destroy everything.  I had forgotten my “Fly Plan”.  How could I have let this happen?   Well, I cried my purple puddles, and decided I had to tell you right now even though it is well past my bedtime.  🙂

So, tomorrow IS a new day.  I am NOT behind.  I have a smile on my  face, my clothes picked out, my sink is shiny, my timer set for 15 minutes and my routines will begin again in the morning.  I feel my wings flapping already.  🙂  And it all started with the message on the mirror.  🙂

Thank you,
Flybaby in East Texas

FlyLady here: You have to listen to Tuesday’s Radio show. We had some great callers. One of them had a similar message written on a mirror; this time it was by her daughter. Check it out.

You are not behind! I don’t want you to try to catch up;
I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?
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