Boil Over

Dear FlyLady,

Despite myself, and thanks to you, I was ready for a boil over disaster.

After a couple of rough weeks, I had let the house go. No routines kept, no daily zone cleaning, and nothing for my sanity. Jump in where you are, right? So, today, I got myself back in gear. I started with shining the sink like it was my first Flyday ever. (It was pretty easy since even through it all I had kept it pretty empty.)

Anyway, 45 minutes later, the dishwasher was running, dinner was simmering on the shiny stove, the counters were clean, and the breakfast room was gleaming. Well, as I was bopping into the kitchen with my WONDERFUL Rubba Sweepa, I heard the familiar sound of boil-over.

PANIC…no wait…my Purple Rag is in the sink! I use a Purple Rag to wipe out the sink daily. So, I gave it a good wringing and went at the spill. Five minutes later the stove was shining again!

Well, break is over, it’s fluttering with the feather duster time.

Thank you for the great tools, the inspiration, and the love,

Tink in Texas


FlyLady Here: From time to time we all have to get ourselves back into gear.

The right tools really do help you FLY. You can even clean up your own boil over disaster!

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