Mom Talked Me Into It

Dear FlyLady & Crew,

Thank you for the insulated water bottles. My Mom planned to buy herself one for losing weight, and managed to talk me in to ordering one too. I’m very glad that she talked me into it! I don’t have to worry about the water running everywhere, and by keeping the lid on I don’t accidentally dip my brush in when I’m painting.

We took ours with us on a day trip, and our water was still cold at the end of the day despite the bottles being in the car. This convinced my dad to get one too. About two weeks after dad got his bottle, he told us that he was amazed at how attached he had grown to it. He’s been carrying his around when he’s working, and refilling it with ice a couple of times a day.

Between the three of us we’ve been having to fill up the ice trays a few days a week, instead of every other week.

Also, Dad’s been using the FlyLady calendar. We have a family one in the dining room, on the pantry door. In the last year he’s become careful to write down his doctor appointments, and other important things. This has avoided a lot of the problems with us scheduling things on the same day.

Thanks for the great products,

Flybabies Crystal, and Edith, in Tennessee

FlyLady here: I am so proud of your family. You have developed a calendar habit and your water drinking habit.

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