My Thankful Top Ten

Top 10 Things I want to thank FlyLady and Crew for:

1 – I open my drawers to piles of clean clothes each morning – instead of running to the basement and digging through dirty clothes. Mt. Washmore is gone thanks to FlyLady.

2 – My entire family has clean bowls and spoons and cups each morning when they wake up – instead of using mixing bowls and baby spoons or skipping breakfast all together. My dishwasher is run each night for clean dishes every morning thanks to FlyLady.

3 – My children no longer get in trouble doing crazy things to occupy their time. Now they know where their toys, books and art supplies are. The children’s belongings are no longer scattered through my entire home thanks to FlyLady.

4 – I no longer spend the majority of my day on the computer, talking on the phone, reading magazines or crocheting. My home is pleasant and I don’t feel the need to block out the rest of the world – thanks to FlyLady.

5 – My husband and children now make the beds (hubby without me ever asking!) because they know that’s what it takes to keep the rooms clean. We have tidy beds – thanks to FlyLady.

6 – I now move quickly in an effort to “beat the clock” with my timer which I treasure – thanks to FlyLady.

7 – I now take time to make nice breakfasts and nice dinners because I am no longer concerned about making mess on top of mess. My dinner mess and dishes only take a few minutes to clean up, thanks to FlyLady.

8 – My children are happy because their mommy has time to read books to them, help them straighten their room, bake with them. I also believe they are more well-adjusted and balanced since I don’t let them watch TV all day long. I am taking the time to actually participate in my children’s day, thanks to FlyLady.

9 – My husband now enjoys coming home to a tidy home and compliments me, is kind to me and even helps me occasionally. I have a good marriage again, thanks to FlyLady.

10 – My life no longer feels chaotic, I CAN have people over, I don’t wear pink sweats, my children are happy and my marriage is better. My life is changed. I no longer feel ridden with guilt day in and day out, nor do I consider myself a lazy slob. I can relax in my own home and in my own skin, thanks to FlyLady.

I know that I had to be the one to implement the changes… but without my FlyLady emails, routines, Control Journal, FlyLady timer and the continual thought that I can do anything for 15 minutes – I would not have the peace I have today.

Thank you a million times over, FlyLady and Crew.

FlyBaby S.
in Wisconsin

FlyLady here: I am so proud of you for all the changes you have made in your home.

Do you have a list of the peace that has been happening in your home?
Send it to me, with MY LIST in the subject line.

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