Ready For Christmas

I got this email from a woman who is already ready with the “gifting” part of Christmas!

Dear Pam,I didn’t want to write to you until I pulled off my brilliant idea which I did tonight! I invited my neighbors (six moms), my book club (five moms, three grandmothers and two happily kidless women) and four women from my work (I’m a part time ER nurse) to an ELM Party! I bought your video, Everybody Loves Money, last year and have used every one of your brilliant ideas for giving cash as gifts. My invitation read: “Get a jump on your Christmas shopping by coming to my house for pizza, beverages and a bunch of funny ways to give “cash” for Christmas presents. I’ve got the ideas, all you have to do is add the cash.” 

I showed the video and my “audience” was hysterical with laughter. I honestly felt they did not want anyone else to see this video, so they could come across as being so clever. I had all the ingredients for them to assemble their gifts and we even wrapped our presents.  I felt like I was at the North Pole and so did everyone else! I played Christmas music and the main talk of the evening as we played with your ideas was: WE DON’T HAVE TO SHOP!  WE HAVE MADE GIFTS THAT EVERYONE WILL LOVE. WE CAN’T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS.

Thank you for creating this DVD! I am now a celebrity among my friends AND I also have my Christmas presents wrapped and it isn’t even Halloween! 

Merry Christmas!
June Mason

This DYI video is now a download you can get now! Have fun!



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