The Rubba Revolution

Dear FlyLady,

Every so often, I buy myself a new fancy pen, thinking that somehow this will magically improve my handwriting. Each time I am disappointed to find that my handwriting is still illegible.

And every so often, I buy new cleaning tools, thinking that somehow they will magically improve my housekeeping. None of the new mops, sponges, cloths or brushes ever seemed to make any difference.

Until I ordered the Rubba Scrubba, the Rubba Sweepa, and the Purple Rags in a Bag.

I had barely assembled the Rubba Sweepa when my cat knocked a glass off the counter, which smashed to smithereens on my grooved ceramic floor. The Sweepa got up every little shard in just a couple of passes.

The cat box is in the main bathroom, and I use a fabulous litter made from pine shavings — there is no odor and it is flush-able.. But — it does leave little flakes on the floor that I never seemed to be able to completely get up. The Sweepa got them all. Best of all, it works on wet surfaces, picking up all the hair and dust — and then it just rinses clean, rather than a regular broom where you have to pick all that gross stuff off the bottom. It makes cleaning that area around the toilet a much more pleasant experience, and it works well together with the mop in the kitchen. My floors have never been cleaner.

On to the Scrubba. We have an extensive recycling program, as well as municipal composting. Great for the environment, intimidating in practice — cans and jars have to be empty and clean, and the leftover (and frequently disgusting) contents have to be put in the compost bin. This was a job that I would put off because it was so gross — which just made it all the grosser of course! The Scrubba whisks out the leftovers, and scrubs the cans and jars — all without having to put my hands near them. And again, it just rinses right off, unlike cloths or nylon scrubbers. I’ve cleaned so many jars and containers of dead stuff out of my fridge since getting it.

I never realized that a lot of my aversion to cleaning was due to my squeamishness. The Sweepa and Scrubba, with their handles and their ease of cleaning, have really helped me to tackle the tasks that repelled me before.

Purple Rags in a Bag: One day I was pulling out of my parking lot when the sun hit the windscreen and I was blinded by — I thought “the light being diffused by frost. It wasn’t frost, it was DIRT” on the INSIDE. I grabbed a purple rag and without any cleanser, wiped off the dirt (no streaks!) so I could drive safely. It was undoubtedly the first time the windshield had been cleaned since the car was bought 3 years ago.

I am going to get my 82 year old father a Sweepa, to replace the ORANGE broom that I’m sure dates back to the 70s! Time to upgrade to purple!

Your products WORK! Perhaps the FlyLady pens would even improve my handwriting!

Thanks for all you do,

A Much Less Grossed-Out Flybaby

FlyLady here: If she gets grossed out by these things I’ll bet her toilet needs theĀ  Rubba Swisha! We have a Rubba Revolution happening in homes around the world. We are Turning Mundane Chores into Fun Loving Routines!

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