October Habit #11 Help Her Deal

Dear FlyLady,

I just read one email begging for something to help her deal with all the paper. While I agree with your plan to only handle the paper once, I don’t think it gave her the help she needed. Unfortunately, there are papers that require more.

Being a small business owner, I know a thing or two about filing (as you do also, I’m sure). I have client files, and files for owner’s manuals, personal business files -like house repair, taxes, purchases, etc.; and then there are the bookkeeping files. Although we scan and shred lots of closed files, and try to make needed documents available electronically, I have decided not to pursue a total paper-less workplace. (I’ll never completely trust something that won’t work without electricity and/or internet.)

But somewhere, and it may have been on your website, I learned of the Freedom Filer system. After years of struggling with filing, this system gave me the structure to keep up with papers in the proper place, and deal with the end of year/tax rotation. My secretary likes it. We can find most any paper in less than two minutes. I highly recommend it. And no, I’m not profiting from my recommendation. It is unique, and flexible for varying situations.

FlyBaby Lisa

Dear Flylady,

We recently returned from a 3 week car tour of the desert southwest.   We brought your water bottles and another type of “insulated” bottle.  We were very pleasantly surprised that after hours in a hot car, the ice water in your metal bottles was still frosty and refreshing.   The other bottled water was warm.  So glad we brought yours with us on this trip!  Thank you.

FlyBaby Paula

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