Refocus During Transition

Dear FlyLady,
I have been a big fan of yours for several years and have “jumped on board” and back off several times.  One of my favorite things is that no matter where you are in your cleaning journey, you can start “where you are”.I have recently found myself to be unemployed due to an unexpected economic downsizing within a family-owned small business. I’ve worked since I was 16 and have never been without a job, never been fired or laid off…so, I’m kinda feeling like a “fish outta water”.  I decided I need to get a “refocus” to be able to move forward during this time of transition.

When I finally decided to get out of my pajamas (took several days of “pity-party” time), I determined that it was a great opportunity to make my house a place I enjoy being in. So, my first question was, “Ok…what is BUGGING ME about my house?” Besides the obvious things (clutter piles, general cleaning, etc.), what was frustrating me?  To be HONEST, I was surprised at the things that ended up on my list!!

The funny thing about me is I’m easily distracted…and it is often the “little things” that keep me feeling “bogged down” and overwhelmed.  The LITTLE THINGS!  What I’ve come to realize is that the things that were frustrating me were things that nobody else normally sees…AND, if I keep I list of these somewhat “trivial” things, most of these tasks could be accomplished within a minimal time frame (say, during the commercials of my favorite TV show).  So, what ended up on my list??

My jewelry bowl at the kitchen sink (it was “gunky”)
The dish liquid dispenser at kitchen sink (gunky around pump)
My pull-down drawer at the kitchen. sink (particles at the bottom)
The silverware divider tray (yes, tidbits of “stuff” in each section)
The top glass shelf of the fridge (had dried milk rings on it…)
The baskets on top of the fridge (messy and driving me bonkers)
Hubby’s magazine stash(need to buy baskets to hold them)
Dust on the ceiling fan, mule deer and white-tail deer antlers
Catch-all drawers in the bathroom & kitchen

I could go on & on…but I now have my “QUICK LIST” of things that can be accomplished with minimal effort & time. I cannot tell you how much joy and sense of accomplishment this has brought to me since I’ve implemented this simple change.And again, these were things that most people would never see…but, they were bogging me down MENTALLY and needed to be addressed.

I just want to thank you for always being a source of encouragement and being willing to “spur us on” to make our house a H-O-M-E!!

Much love to you from SC (a Clemson Tiger Fan!!)

Ragamuffin FlyBaby

FlyLady here:

Dear Clemson FlyBaby,

I am very proud of you for several things;

1. Spending a few days to mourn your loss (this is FLYing!)
2. Recognizing when it is time to leave the pity party
3. Setting new goals. (decluttering and making a house a home)
4. Making a list of things that bother you.
5. Coming up with a plan of action; doing them during TV ads. 

Keep up the great work. Don’t over-do. Please remember to take breaks.

I noticed that you don’t live very far from me in SC and that you are a Clemson Fan. My sweet darling wrote a novel that is set in Clemson. It is a coming of age story called, “Could You But Find It“.  Check out the reviews when you get a chance. I think he is a great writer, but I am obviously partial.

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