Having What I Need

Hi FlyLady!

I got the office in a bag because I work two jobs and I teach Sunday school each Sunday and I thought if I could have a way to keep my schedules, addresses and phone numbers, my lesson plans and our work contacts in one place it would be easier for me to keep organized. I ordered the bag and it came so fast!

Well Monday of this week I needed an address, had it right at my fingertips as well as a stamp for the letter. I also had to take some legal documents to the bank and I had those filed and ready to go and it looked very professional! Tuesday I needed to go to Human Resources to file more paperwork and I had it all filled out and ready to submit to the department.

Today is the third day I have had my new bag, at lunch time I took my lesson plans outside and a pair of scissors for the pictures I am cutting out of magazines to use as illustrations and I got to enjoy the sunshine and cut and file the pictures I will need this Sunday.

I’ve only had my bag for three days and it has already been a huge blessing! Thank you for such a fantastic resource, I know I’ll be using it this much and more for years to come.

Thank you for all you have taught me!
Diana Flying SHE in Arizona

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