Rubba Scrubba Reminiscing

Eight years ago we introduced our Rubba Scrubba. We have received thousands of testimonials. That first shipment went fast. We have done our best to never run out of them again. Yesterday we decided to celebrate this great tool with a Buy One Get One Promotion. This is one of the first testimonials. It is great because there is a paper clutter tip in this testimonial.


Dear FlyLady,

I haven’t seen much on line about the Rubba Scrubba.  But I wanted to tell you what a fantastic product it is.  It is helping keep my sink shining since its right there to wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.  It is also great for getting cat hair off the furniture! It was well worth the investment.

Also wanted to mention a couple of things about paper clutter.  First of all check your municipal refuge folks and see if they shred paper or even a commercial one.  I was drowning in paper that needed to be shredded and first I found a company that would take the paper for $10 a box.  Well worth it than trying to use my shredder and spending hours.  Then I found out my city is offering the same service free to residents.

And finally about paper clutter.  I have an accordion file where I keep all my “hot files” – the ones I use the most.  Then I have found that hanging files in your file cabinet work much better than just stuffing the folders in the cabinet.

Still fluttering
in Ohio

FlyLady here; I never thought about using the Rubba Scrubba for dishes
but why not? It works for lots of things.

Better get your Rubba Scrubba; they are going fast. Don’t wait if you are planning on buying them for presents. Many people are buying them for stocking stuffers.

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