Young@Heart: I Know You

You’re a mom! And you’re,

Probably in your nightgown or you slept in workout clothes
You’ve got “rooster” hair and raccoon eyes and you don’t smell like a rose

You played Candy Crush Saga until midnight, or one
It’s amazing how the time just flies when you’re havin’ fun

You’ve got eight loads of laundry to wash and to dry
Appointments to make and groceries to buy

Your kid missed the bus and was late for his class
You’re thankful that thoughts about home schooling pass

‘cause if YOU were in charge of the lesson plan
You’d end up with a guy not knowing a damn

Your car’s in the drive-way ‘cause the garage is full of stuff
When will you learn when enough is enough?

You’ve got dishes from dinner and yesterday’s lunch
Your checkbook reveals a financial crunch

You’ve got every book written on the subject of order
To the point that you’re starting to look like a hoarder

From Kondo and Cilley to Martha and me
You just can’t decide what’ll work perfectly

So here’s my suggestion, get a shower and dress
Fix your hair, a little make-up and don’t leave a mess

Then look at your calendar on the square for today
Decide what’s for dinner, make your bed and go play

Not on the computer, get outside and get air
The Internet stuff will always be there

‘cause today needs YOU in it, YOU’RE what life’s all about
Don’t try to get organized, just do it and get out


PS If this poem I wrote sounds a little bit like you, I’ll bet you need to de-clutter. Here’s a free chapter from my latest book.

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