My Office in a Bag and My FLY Hubby

Dearest FlyLady and Co.,

I’ve written testimonials before about the way the routines and the timer have changed my life. Now it’s time to testify about the Office in a Bag!

Money is tight at our house right now — I’m sure you can all relate.

I’m a Payroll SHE, my DH runs his own Web programming business from home, and we both pick up odd jobs for extra income. So when I told DH I needed to buy your OIB to keep all my outside gigs organized, he harrumphed about the expense a bit. He scouted various office supply stores to find me something cheaper that would do the same thing as the OIB. (We didn’t find anything that fit that description, BTW!) Because I had to have *something* or lose my mind, I bought a zippered folder at the local thrift shop for five bucks and used that for a while. It had a three-ring binder built in, and a few pockets inside, but it didn’t have a handle. Still, it was better than nothing. Then, finally, I was able to use some money from one of my gigs to buy the real thing from you, and I love it! That carrying handle makes a huge difference. I was planning to boogie the “imitation OIB”, but… read on!

My DH has been taking a class on the weekends in how to coach prospective students in preparing to take the GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test, which is required for admission to most graduate business schools in the U.S.). Last Saturday, they moved the class to a different location, unbeknownst to DH. There he was, the poor guy, standing on the sidewalk all alone, without the instructor’s phone number or any information he could use to figure out the situation. He had to take the bus all the way home to check his computer for phone numbers or an e-mail message. When he was finally able to reach the instructor, she told him the new class location and said that she had sent out an e-mail message to all the students (which he hadn’t received!) So, armed with the updated info, he hopped back on the bus and arrived at the new class location, three hours late and feeling very flustered and frustrated.

This morning, DH asked me if he could have my old imitation OIB, because he realized that if he had had the necessary contact information with him, he could have saved himself a lot of trouble and delay that Saturday morning. He said he’d noticed how much using the FlyLady OIB has helped me, and he wants to learn from me!!! Isn’t that neat??? (Of course I said yes — and sooner or later, he’s bound to realize that he needs the real OIB! Hmm, maybe for his birthday…)

So thank you, thank you, thank you, dear FlyLady and FlyCrew!

Flybaby Mary in L.A.


FlyLady here: They are watching us more than we know.

The FlyLady Office in a Bag is available in Black, Purple, Blue and Red.

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