October Habit #17 More Improved Than I Could Imagine

I am just like most everyone else. I have a stash and dash drawer (actually 2 of them) in my kitchen. I have been putting off decluttering these drawers for quite a while. Finally, my DH asked me what that phrase was for throwing things in a drawer or closet due to company coming. I told him it was “stash and dash”.  Hey, that means he was listening when I was relaying a FlyLady story. Well he has some S&D of his own. So his inquiry made me set my timer for 15 minutes and open that first kitchen desk drawer. 95% of that paper/magazines/coupons went into the trash. Same with drawer #2. Each drawer (they are deep filing size drawers) took two 15 minute sessions. I filled the trash can and freed up three 1 inch binders. Now drawer #1 has my printer supplies in it and drawer #2 has all my current home improvement plan info in it. Whew!  And I am less stressed about what was hiding in there. Because we pay each bill as it arrives, there were no hidden ones. It was just stuff.

I just want to say thank you. Except for my procrastination tendencies, I know I can do anything for 15 minutes and it will be more improved than I could imagine. Most things we put off take a lot less time than we think.

Another breakthrough happened yesterday. In preparation for new flooring and painting in our master bath and bedroom, we have to move to a guest bedroom and bath for at least two weeks. My DH said he didn’t want to move all those clothes he never wears up and then back down the stairs. So he asked me where those three colored bins (FlyLady Declutter Kit) were that I used when I decluttered my closet. And he wanted to know what questions I asked myself when looking at each item were (Do I love it? Do I wear it? Does it look good on me? Have I worn it in the last 12 months?). Holy Moley. He WAS paying attention.

We start tomorrow. We are decluttering two walk-in closets, a dresser, a chest of drawers, two bedside tables, a linen closet and the huge vanity drawers and cabinets. We have about 3 weeks. I believe it is totally doable!  He isn’t sure. But he hasn’t worked with a timer and determination yet. I can’t wait for the revelation to dawn on him.

You are my hero

FlyBaby Brenda

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