Sick Day was Bearable

Dear FlyLady,

We recently moved into a townhouse with two sets of carpeted stairs (lovely encouragement for daily heart-loving they are, yup yup), and I hadn’t thought of using my Rubba Scrubba for cleaning them.

I’ve just been using my (*shudders*) broom to the best of my ability, since my vacuum freaks out my 2 year old DD for the time being, even when I move it, so trying to do what I can.. Still looking forward to getting a Rubba Sweepa someday. I know this fall, and especially next spring, when our cat sheds, it’s gonna be a nightmare getting all that hair up. The carpet’s not shag by any means, thank goodness, been there, done that, glad to have a break. But it’s nice to know there’s a better way for getting them clean.

Also, thanks for all the great tools.. even down to the little magnet. I put the one I got with my last order onto my dryer (we have a stackable set with the dryer on top, which I’m very thankful just to have and not have to go to the laundromat.. been there, done that, glad to not have to now. ), just below the door’s handle… just where I’d be looking if I’m tired or discouraged, and there you are, reminding me to look up (since on the magnet you’re pointing that way) and that things will get better.

Another thank you for the idea for the “Day at the Beach” kit for when family members get sick. It’s saved me from a lot of stress the few times my 2 DD’s (2 and 4years) have gotten sick (only once, thankfully, at the same time).. I even wear a “beachy” tank-and-shorts outfit and shell-necklace to remind me that it’s all going to be OK and to keep my cool (no pun intended.. I think. lol).

I’ve since added to the kit: your “recipe” for potato “soup”, stickers (instead of money for making the aim into the buckets), fresh coloring supplies (washable crayons and favorite-character coloring books), bubbles (in “Bubble Tumblers” we found at a local store that keep the bubble solution contained so it can’t be spilled and add to the mess), and a list of foods that are OK for a sick tummy to help me remember things beyond saltine crackers. I also found out (from DD1’s getting into the “to give away” stuff we were still building after we moved) that the toddler-bed sheets we no longer need actually fit one part of our couch, so they’ll be great for having the girls downstairs where we can keep a better eye on them, and they all fit in the bottom cupboard that one of our bookshelves has, so they aren’t acting like clutter (I’ve noticed that even when non-clutter things are in a messy pile or whatnot can still have the same effects as actual clutter), still useful, and are near where we’d be setting up for the girls.

Thanks for helping me (and of course my DH) with being prepared for life’s surprises and all the encouragement too. Now to teach my DH how helpful Cozi can be. All Babystepped in good time.

BetterFLYing in Washington

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