Taking Care of Our Critters

Dear FlyLady,

I gave in! After reading all the uses for the Rubba Scrubba for so long, I bought one.I’ve just tested it on the cats – they loved it. I’ve tested it on the seat covers they sit on and leave so much cat hair that is quite hard to remove all of it each day. Guess what? The Rubba Scrubba got rid of it all. So effortlessly and the covers looked like new. I really mean it. They’re like new again.

I am truly impressed and I’ve only tried the Rubba Scrubba for a few minutes.

Even my husband is impressed. I bought 2 of them, and he’s already eyeing one for himself. I can see them getting a lot of use.

I also bought a set of your pens, these are for adding to Christmas presents to let people know that I am proud of them. A lovely acknowledgment for what they are doing, and have accomplished.

Thank you too for the FlyLady Magnet. It’s great.

And mostly – thank you so much for such worthy products, I’ve always been delighted with my purchases.

Auckland NZ

FlyLady here: It has been a warm beautiful afternoon in the mountains. I took advantage of the warm weather to wash all the critter beds in our home and open up the door and let some fresh air in our house. It already smells better. There is something about fresh air and a breeze to make everything smell good. I took our Critter Rubba Scrubba brushed the foam rubber while the covers were in the washing machine.

Every bed is put back together now! Rubba Sweepa took care of the dirt in their corners.

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