Let’s Get Cruising

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been flying/bumping along for many years now, but the ONE THING I have been the most consistent in doing is using my Holiday Control Journal! It has been the most wonderful tool you have given us so we can actually ENJOY the holidays!! I used to get so frustrated at having to rush around and being too tired to enjoy all the holiday fun I wanted to have with my family. Not to mention that I would get cranky when things didn’t get done and we’d end up spending more than we intended. Then I would be so disappointed after Christmas because it wasn’t as “perfectly” wonderful as I had dreamed.

Along came FlyLady to rescue our Holiday Season! The Holiday Control Journal was an absolute lifesaving blessing! My husband and I could sit down together well in advance and decide our shopping budget for everyone we intended to get gifts for and lay out on the calendar all of the holiday get-togethers we wanted to participate in. That first year especially, we sat down together with our children to find out just what everyone thought made Christmas time special for them. We then made sure to put that on our calendar and in our meal planning so that everyone would have a delightful Christmas.

It was the MOST wonderful holiday season we had ever enjoyed! And we have never gone back to the “old way” of no planning. We’ve had many years of joyful holidays now and we actually look forward to planning them together every year! I keep my control journal from each year until the next year so that we can see what we did and what we don’t want to try again. We can also see what we’d like to tweek a little bit to make it fit our family this year.

The whole family is looking forward to Cruising through the Holidays with you again this year! Let’s get Cruising!

FlyBaby Carole in FL

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