October Habit #18 Progress, not Perfection

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve tried many different filing methods for my paper clutter.

The one that I’ve found to work is having a binder for the current year.  In it are clear page protectors for each bill or important paper.

In one clear protector is my husband’s paystubs for the year. Then another has mine. Each sleeve is labeled and only the most current papers are on the top. It’s amazing how many papers can actually fit in one sleeve.

This year’s binder contains page protectors labeled Paystubs, child care bill receipts, lease and receipts from our rent, 2012 tax return, car payments and each debt we are paying off has its own as well.

This has helped because at different times of the year we have had to provide these documents when applying for certain programs. At the end of the year papers that need to go are shredded, the ones that need to be kept are moved to our metal filing cabinet for long-term storage. I only have to go through the long term cabinet once a year if that.

My system is not perfect it’s still a work in progress but I feel confident that I know where most every necessary paper is. I have also learned to let go and shred the ones I don’t need.

I still use the timer when I’m feeling stubborn and my inner “I don’t wanna” comes out

Thank you,


FlyLady here:

You are doing a great job at keeping your paper clutter under control. Our Habit of the Month for October is Paper Clutter. The Office in a Bag is a fantastic tool to use as a binder for keeping current records until you need to put them in the final filing cabinet. You can DO THIS!

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