October Habit #19 You Have Helped me Tremendously

Dear FlyLady,

I no longer get paper bank statements or cancelled checks. The  statements are online and you can check them at any time, plus they send me an email monthly as a reminder to balance. I like it much better this way!

Decide on a place to keep unpaid bills, ATM receipts, etc. Once weekly go thru these and pay the bills, write ATM info in checkbook, file any warranties or instruction manuals (with receipt attached).

You don’t need the thousands of return address labels that come with charitable requests. Throw them away (you probably already have more than you could use). Decide which charities you want to support and don’t feel guilty about throwing away requests from other charities.

Keep pet medical records in a file.

I have a small (3″ x 4″) address book where I keep not only the usual info found in such books but also a list of all my computer passwords.

Throw out empty boxes you’re saving “just in case” you might need to mail something someday.

Thank you FlyLady! You have helped me tremendously!!

FlyBaby J

Dear Marla and crew,

I ordered two sets of Rags in the Bag. The reason for purchase was another testimonial that talked about being able to clean windows and mirrors using ONLY water.

My neighbor has felt that a lot of her symptoms may be related to the chemicals that she has been exposed to over the years. She does in-home daycare and has used many chemicals to keep a clean home.

So, I had purchased for her your Detail Duster. (Yes, I have one too.) She loves being able to dust with NO chemicals. It just collects on the mitt and someone else can shake it out for her. Now, I have found that it works fabulously for cleaning our air conditioning covers – sent the SO up the ladder and it just cleaned right up. Even HE was impressed.

So, in keeping with the no-chemicals if needed, I figured the way to go was your Rags in the Bag. Now, I, of course, had to test this out prior to giving her a set. I dampened one rag; I used the other one dry. Cleaned the patio window – lots of doggy nose prints. Cleaned right up!! Woohoo. Lets try it out on the bathroom mirrors with the toothpaste splatter! Cleaned up lickity split. Man, cleaning is getting to be fun.

The big test. The glass table out on the lanai. Just wiped it a section at a time. No streaks. Just clean and shiny.

So, away I went to her house with the gift. She was in tears over it. Now, only **I** could get away with giving her a gift that is used to clean house. Since she has to do front door windows and patio door windows every day, she’ll be saving on LOTS of paper towels. I think this could be called the gift that keeps on giving.

And yes, I did order the calendars for both of us too. She now expects to get one every year for her birthday.

Keep up the great work! Your products have really done wonders for me.



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