I’ve Replaced Chaos With Peace

Dear Ms. Young,

A friend told me about your book about losing weight, but I couldn’t remember what it was called. That was certainly fortuitous. I remembered your name, so I Googled Pam Young and your website came up and the first book I clicked on was The Joy of Being Disorganized and it took me to the order page. I loved the title and was intrigued by it so I bought it.

I love the book and what I discovered is that my weight problem has everything to do with how I feel about myself! In just a few weeks, I have replaced chaos with peace in our master bedroom, the family room and our daughter’s bedroom and I’m working on the kitchen. Having clutter-free space has helped me feel better about myself and my life and the funniest thing has happened, I’ve lost seven pounds!

Thank you,
Melissa B

Pam here: I know eating is tied to emotions and many people eat when they’re upset. It stands to reason that if one’s home is clutter-free and peaceful, there is less stress. When a home is filled with clutter, there is chaos. The Joy of Being Disorganized will help you baby step your way, room-by-room into a clutter-free, happy home. You’ll learn the art of delegation and to get organized just enough to please YOU. If someone in your home has a higher cleanliness standard, show ‘em where the vacuum is.

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