My Shoes Were Saved

Dear FlyLady,

I am so thankful for the Rubba Scrubba.  I have been using it for cat hair and general cleaning and it worked really well. But then my daughter(14) wore my favorite suede moccasins out into the mud pit our recent rains made of our back yard to feed the dog.  (My fault, I shouldn’t have left them by the door.)

I wondered how I would ever get the mud off to try to clean them with leather cleaner, when I spied the Rubba Scrubba by the sink.  “Eh, it’s worth a try,” I thought.

Worth a try?  I’ll say.  I let them dry completely and then the Rubba Scrubba got ALL the mud off the suede and most of it off the rubber soles of the shoes.  I used a damp rag to get the rest of that and my favorite shoes look GREAT again – no leather cleaner needed!

Thanks so much!

FlyLady here: One more time our members find the best use for such a great, inexpensive, little tool that keeps earning a place of honor in our home. They make wonderful stocking stuffers! Buy one Get one FREE.

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