Such An Impact

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve always accused my husband of lacking the “noticing” gene, because, well….you know.  I’ve been fluttering now for 12 days.  On day #7 he finally noticed that I’ve been making up the bed.  He still thinks it’s a waste of time (especially the throw pillows), but it makes me happy and definitely has a psychological effect on the rest of my day.

Well, yesterday, my package arrived from FlyLady: my calendar and the famous rags.  So for my 15 minute decluttering, I went out of zone and removed all the magnets, photos, and junk from my refrigerator.  It had been there so long, there were faint outlines of dust and grime where it had been.  So I used one of my brand new rags and got the whole refrigerator clean and shiny with only water.  Now I had room for my new calendar and a grocery list.  And the very same day, my husband noticed.  It has made such an impact on the appearance of my kitchen, I don’t think I’ll put anything else there again.  Well, maybe a picture of the grandkids, but I don’t think I’ll go overboard again.

A noticed FlyBaby, Mama Bear (Hendersonville, NC)

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