Crystal Clear Oven

Dear FlyLady,

I read all the testimonies about the different products that you offer and I have plans to purchase pretty much everything over the course  of time as my budget allows…especially after my experience tonight.

Recently I purchased the Rags in a Bag, two timers and a Control Journal.  Tonight, after I shined my sink, I decided to use a purple rag with just water to wipe down my stove top.  I thought my stove top was pretty clean overall and was not expecting to cut through the amount of grease that I did.

I was a bit stunned and then curious.  I rinsed my purple rag and wiped down the front door of my oven.  In the 3+ years that I have lived here I have NEVER been able to get that front door completely clean and streak and smudge free.  Well tonight I did.  So I took it a step further and cleaned the faceplate where the knobs are and removed the knobs and cleaned them.

While I was cleaning the knobs, my kitten noticed his reflection on the oven door and began “attacking” the intruder in the oven door.  I am now a bona fide believer in the purple rags.  I will be ordering more.

Thank you for all you do and thereby helping me get my act and my home in order.

FlyBaby Tracy in Pawlet, Vermont

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