October Habit #23 Divide and Conquer

Dear FlyLady,

Keeping my receipts organized is no longer a problem for me. I don’t have coupons all over the place either.

I bought a plastic coupon holder that has its own elastic band closure. It has many plastic dividers. I keep my receipts and coupons in it. There are only about three stores I shop regularly. My grocery store receipts go all together in one, another store in a different one, and miscellaneous receipts in one.

I divide my coupons into two sections, food and non-food items. I seldom
have more than 15-20 coupons. When I make out my grocery list, I pull the ones I plan on using and put them in a different divider with my shopping list.

I usually keep receipts until I realize I don’t want to return any anything. Stale dated coupons are purged every week.

I hate a messy purse (probably from being a cashier). I usually clean my purse daily, when I sit at the TV. Otherwise, FlyBabies clean their purses every Friday.

Flying High in Michigan


FlyLady here:

Dividing our paper clutter into manageable categories is a great way to keep on top of the piles.

A great way to take care of bills, receipts, coupons and correspondence on the go is to use The Office in a Bag. They come in four colors! You could have one for every category! I love the idea of dividing and conquering!

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