Make It Fit Your Family

Dear FlyLady,

You wrote “The most important rule for using a calendar is to remember to look at it.” I could never get my DH to do that until I found a place where he sees it first thing each morning, and the last thing before he goes to bed at night.

Uh huh, I hung it on the wall behind the toilet. It makes us both laugh, but it works. He remembers to write down his schedule every week and so do I –and he hasn’t forgotten a birthday or anniversary since it’s been there either.

Thanks Marla & the FlyCrew, I love my calendar!

Flybaby Suz in CA

FlyLady here: I keep my calendar in the bathroom, too! Not behind the toilet but on the wall opposite the toilet. Any important interviews (in red) get my attention first thing in the morning.

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