She Blew Me Away!

Dear FlyBabies,

This email blew me away! The Joy of Being Disorganized was written for disorganized women who have forgotten how amazing they are in spite of the messes they make.

Hello Pam,

I’ve been so hungry for someone to understand me and my disorganization and because of your book, I realized I was the one who needed to understand me! I just got your book a few days ago and even though you recommended reading one chapter at a time and letting it sink in, I devoured the book! I couldn’t put it down. I had failed to see how valuable I am regardless of my disorder.

Now, if I tried, I can’t shake this tangible feeling of peace and joy. The interesting thing that’s coming out of this feeling is that I’m no longer stressed about what has to and needs to get done around here and with that stress gone, I’ve accomplished more in a few days than I often do in a month!

What’s happen to me? I’m in love and me! I’ve been given new eyes and I see me as God sees me.

As you said in your book, when you love yourself your circumstances will reflect that love. It’s a miracle!


The stress of running yourself down (and probably a lot of other people too) has a tangible effect on your environment. For one thing, you run out of energy for doing routine chores that keep a household running smoothly. Being organized is 50% a mental game and when you start loving who you are you have more energy. A little organization goes a long way. Get organized just enough to please you.

God bless you,

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