October Habit #27 Go Me!

Dear FlyLady,

I just wanted to say GO ME!

We’ve dashed and stashed for decades. But this month we’ve really worked on the paper.

I’ve unearthed boxes and bags and tubs of the stuff in the basement. DH mostly works on shredding the old bills, receipts and misc papers while I concentrate on shredding old bank statements and canceled checks.

We only bring up a handful of envelopes at a time and have baby stepped our way through this clutter all month. It’s been kind of fun, actually! I like to multitask and shred while reading my emails. Every once in a while, a check will catch my eye and I’ll be reminded of a favorite restaurant or dept store that’s long gone. The oldest ones that I’ve found so far go back to 1980!!

Mostly, I don’t even look at them, though, once I’ve checked the year on the postmark. Yes! They are still in their original envelopes, many unopened! Since we joined FlyLady, we have literally gotten rid of TONS of clutter.

Thanks for all the encouragement!

Barb in Minnesota

Hi FlyLady,

I’ve been a member six years. I think next to my faith you have had the most impact on my life for the better. Thank you and God Bless you! What I do differently since I’ve joined this wonderful group is:

1. I recognize my perfectionism, and do something everyday to ward off the chaos.

I have a calendar filled in with appointments, birthdays, bill due dates that I check daily.
I have learned to make the bed everyday.
I do a complete load of laundry 6 days a week.
I have am and pm routines.
I plan grocery shopping around a 7 day menu.
I do my weekly home blessing in bits 7 days a week.
I keep my car clear of UFO’s and my gas level well above empty.
I created zones in my yard to keep from feeling overwhelmed with my big yard and do a little something everyday.

2. I no longer feel my home has to be clean “all at the same time”.
If I have a holiday coming up I now plan well in advance, not two days before.

3. My attitude has changed.
I don’t nag or complain or make our home uncomfortable to the rest of the family.
I do what I can do and usually someone steps up and helps once they see what I’ve done.

4. I have simple food and drink for unexpected visitors.

5. I can get rid of clutter much easier knowing that it blesses someone else, and if I need something I will be blessed too.

6. I’ve learned that any task can be completed one baby step at a time.

Thank you again Marla and crew.


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