God Made Food Hard To Get; Man Made It Easy

Have you been all over the Internet looking for answers to your health problems? Food, not drugs is the remedy to most chronic health problems, but the drug companies don’t want you to think about that because they need to sell drugs and make money.

Have you read about how harmful too many carbohydrates are to your health, especially starches, grains, and sugars? It’s hard not to read about results of studies continually coming out touting the health benefits of reducing carb intake to heal many chronic diseases including diabetes II. (I know ten people personally who no longer take drugs for diabetes because they chose a low-carbohydrate lifestyle.)When I reduced my carbohydrate intake to 20 grams per day, within six months the eczema I’d suffered with since I was 12 years old, cleared up and in five years it has never returned! My intolerance to heat disappeared, I became “regular” for the first time in my life and the BIGGEST thing that happened was I’m never hungry and I’ve maintained my weight (within five pounds) for the five years since I changed my diet. Before low carb I was always yo-yo-ing my weight about 20 pounds.

Here’s an email I received from a very happy woman! (It made me happy too.)

Dear Pam,

Thank you for writing The Mouth Trap!!!  It was a huge help to me.  I have corrected blood work with low carb.  My Cardiologist said to go low carb and come back in three months but he didn’t give me any indication of how to do that.  I was all over the internet and probably using more than one method and mixing the rules.  I didn’t have any sugar or flour or grains but the rest might have been poorly done.  I totally corrected the blood work and do not have to take Crestor.  

Your admitting to very slow weight loss was the beginning of my “aha” moment.  I think you said you had to stay below 20 grams of carbs per day – which is another piece of the “aha.”  I love your videos and recipes.

Thank you,

Kitty Pentecost

Maybe The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here! can help you get your health back! One thing my low carb physician said that has really made sense was, “God made food hard to get and man made it easy, therefore we can have EVERYTHING all the time.” We can see the results of that just by looking around in a crowd.

In the book, I focused on having fun with my inner child (Nelly) who has a real sweet tooth. I had to figure out ways to get her to go along with the NO SUGAR rule. It was tricky, but I came up with some great ways to get cooperation especially when faced with the temptations of foods high in carbohydrates, like potato chips, cinnamon rolls, chocolate cake, candy and such (you know those foods that make your mouth water just reading about them).

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