No More Wasting Water

Dear FlyLady,

Wow! That’s all I can say.

I have had a toilet clog now for at least 1.5 years (maybe even going on 2 years) that had made our downstairs toilet have what could only be described as a lack luster flush. We had been suffering with it due to the fact that almost all of the chemical drain cleaner/de-cloggers are specifically not to be used on toilets and as the toilet was not completely blocked my husband’s and my repeated attempts using the good ole plunger were anything but useful in clearing the toilet drain.

That was until this morning when my new FlyLady Clog Cannon arrived in the mail! It went together in seconds. No chemicals to worry about getting near my new 6-mth old son and minutes later after a couple of Cannon clearings in our three toilets (just to be sure the problem didn’t originate in the line between one of them) and my downstairs toilet (and the other two upstairs) are running better than the day we bought the house 4 years ago!!!

Clog Cannon to the rescue! No more double flushing and wasting water for this Fly baby.

Thanks for once again bringing great products to our home.


Calgary, AB

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