November Habit #3 Menu Planning – Taking Control of Food Allergens

Dear FlyLady,

First of all, I have to tell you what a HUGE difference you have made in my life! My husband has decided that he will be a good FlyBaby and has taken over the laundry! My whole family pitches in for “Family Blessing” time every Saturday. It truly is a family blessing because they all take pride in their work and their home and it only takes 10 minutes!

I am a teacher and have started cleaning just one thing in my classroom every day. I used to clean just twice a year and my room was quite honestly, gross. I have been so proud as people tell me how clean my room is! They are very surprised to hear that I only clean one thing a day! My custodian also REALLY appreciates how tidy my room is. It makes her limited time in my room much less stressful.

I have 9 food allergies which were discovered only 2 years ago. Unable to go completely cold turkey, I started focusing on eliminating or reducing one allergen at a time (chocolate wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be).

Lunch at the school cafeteria is no longer an option for me. Thanks to meal planning, dinnertime is no longer stress time. Eating out has become the special treat it should be (especially since it is so difficult for me to eat out), My family can read the list to see what is for dinner (no more questions!). I have divided my meal list into types of meals, which helps me plan for those “busy nights” where I need a quick meal! The shopping list is more complete and I plan a soup item to cook once a week to freeze. By rotating what I cook, I have a supply of soups ready to thaw and take to school the next day.

The other teachers are amazed at how organized my lunch meals seem to be until I share the secret with them. Since I make the soup while I am cooking a meal, no extra time is spent planning the meal!

Thank you for giving me the courage and freedom to take control of my food allergies!

FlyFamily in Missouri

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