November Habit #4 Menu Planning – Saved me Thousands

Dear FlyLady,

Some years ago (10 or so) I needed to remodel an old dangerous bathroom so our (then young) DD and DS could enjoy a bath safely. DH agreed this should happen, but as our income was small he couldn’t see where the money would come from.

I decided the only thing I could impact was the weekly food bill. I often had the food in the house, but it was in the freezer and small children don’t want to wait for things to defrost. By simply sticking my two weekly menu onto the fridge I knew every morning what was for dinner and if I needed to take anything out of the freezer to make it happen.

It worked great.

I went shopping with my list: I bought food to prepare – not pre-prepared so I didn’t pay extra for packaging. I spent less, the meals were tastier and healthier, there was less waste, no eating out, no junk, I could buy in larger quantities knowing I would use it, not waste it so it saved more money.

I was able to save just over 1000 pounds and remodeled that bathroom. It was lovely.

The finances are not as tight as they were and I know its because I still make menus – though not as strictly as I did all those years ago.

I know I can do it if I HAVE to, but at the moment I CHOOSE not to and am enjoying this. I will go back to it when money becomes tighter, knowing I can do it so I am not afraid.

What a fantastic habit for all of us to groove during November.

New FlyBaby in the UK


FlyLady here:

You did save thousands! What a fantastic way to get your finances under control and save where you can. Thank you so much for sharing! Menu Planning has so many rewards!

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