Ready, Set, Go

Dear FlyLady and crew,

I have been a member for five years and you have helped me tremendously.

I joined shortly after my first child was born and now I have just had my forth. I was a stay-at-home-mom for the first few years and now am a daycare provider. Besides helping me with running my house and keeping perfectionism at bay, your daily e-mails and especially the testimonials really keep me grounded and more in touch with the world, as both jobs can be fairly isolating.

I wanted to share an inspiration I had the other day. I previously used your idea of a 1-2-3 waltz for setting up my morning and evening routines. I have three categories that each have three steps. The other morning I was thinking about the things I hadn’t done yet as I was feeding my baby while the other kids were playing. One of them said, “Ready, set, go!” as part of their game.

In my head, I heard in in conjunction with my morning routine and thought what a great sequence for my morning routine that would be. I had to share.

Ready = the things I need to do to get ready for the day: Exercise, Breakfast and Water, Get dressed (shower, face and hair, clothes and shoes)

Set = the things I need to do to Fly through my day: Make bed, Empty dishwasher, What’s for dinner

Go = the things I need to do to Fly through my week: Swish and Swipe, Where’s my Laundry, Declutter for 15 minutes

Thinking of my morning routine as Ready, Set, Go really adds an element of fun for me. It’s such an ingrained phrase that it’s easy to remember and my inner princess, Bianca, loves the running-on-the-playground feeling of it.

I have many of your products and have been completely satisfied with all of them. Calendars, key lanyard, timers, water bottles, Rubba Scrubbas, mop, Rags in a Bag, dusters, declutter kit, dryer kit – all are amazing! I’ve never felt pressured to buy but I try to order something I think will be useful for me about once a year (around the time the calendar comes out!) because I love supporting small and growing businesses.

Keep doing what you’re doing – you will never know how much you help me each and every day.

Rachel in MN

Flylady here:

When you create routines and take BabySteps you will be blessing yourself and your family. You will find that you can have fun and feel good about yourself and your home.

We are delighted to offer you great tools from the Fly Shop. When you buy from the Fly Shop you are supporting FlyLady’s efforts to help you FLY! We thank you for buying when you can!!

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