You Got My Husband To Declutter

Baby StepsDear FlyLady,

This is the second time I write and I have only been taking my  babysteps for a little over two weeks but all the changes are already here.

I was never in real chaos, but of course I had the  hot spots in the house and I was always so anxious that I could never get everything done “now”. I guess I should tell you how it all started… I have been married for a little over 6 months and living with the hubby for 2 years. When we started living together, it was actually my first time for everything. See, my family, like many others in Brazil, always had a full time, 6 days a week maid, who would clean, organize, cook, make the beds, wash the clothes, iron clothes, and so on…so you can imagine where I was 2 years ago when I found myself with nothing but a fiancè (at that time we weren’t married yet). So before I found someone that would come clean our home once a week, I did ruin a lot of furniture using a lot of wrong cleaning products, not to mention the clothes and food! But the house always looked clean and organized – and I looked like a crazy woman.

Thing is, after we found this person that came once a week, I started not caring too much about keeping it organized, since I knew someone would come to do this job. A few months before the wedding I fell and broke my ankle and had to have a surgery. I couldn’t walk for 6 weeks so I too, just like my parents always had, had to hire someone full time to stay in the house . The thing is, when you have someone doing all the work for you, you just don’t care of how messy your house is at night because you know it will look great the next morning.

Then this year my dear husband had a hip arthroscopy on both hips and then we needed that extra help (I work full time 8am-6pm Monday to Friday). But since mid April, I am on my own again. At first, I was thinking about having that help once a week again, but since I found you, I have realized I can do it on my own. This time I am taking  babysteps on flying and not doing all the cleaning only once a week so the house always looks good!

One of the big accomplishments is that you actually got my husband to declutter! He has been doing 15 minutes everyday which is helping me a lot. It feels so wonderful to come home after work and see the house so presentable, as if I had someone doing that while I was out…it really feels like that.

Thank you so very much FlyLady!

Brazilian FlyBaby Bruna


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