I Didn’t Have to Climb and My Windows Shine

Dear FlyLady,

I am getting a little older and some of the routine chores around the house have become harder to complete.  Washing my windows was one of these chores I just could not do anymore – climbing up and down a ladder to reach the top area was just too much for me.

I decided to try to improvise a way to reach the top while standing on the floor (or the ground while outside). I took my mop that you wrap the cloth around & tuck it in the ‘grabbies’ – I tucked a purple rag in one mop & I used the mop head on another mop. I sprayed the window,  used the mop to get the real dirty stuff off & then finished up with my ‘purple rag mop’.

Voila no streaks, no ladders, & beautifully clear windows!!


FlyBaby J.

Here is a video of me washing my windows with my mop and purple rags.

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