Leaves A Smile On My Face

Dear FlyLady,

I just purchased the Rags in a Bag and WOW! I immediately used them to clean a mirror that always has streaks which are very visible because it’s across from a sliding glass door. And then I cleaned a sliding glass door. NO streaks.

For years, I’ve tried so many products, cloths, and newspapers that just didn’t work. I would clean the door and window several times during one cleaning, using clean cloths, etc. and still have streaks!

And what’s amazing is that after one cleaning, with very minimal touch up, is now when the sun shines through the sliding glass window, it looks absolutely clean and streak free same with the mirror. They really work!

FLYing in Florida


FlyLady here:

Our Rags in a Bag relieve the stress of our perfectionism. This saves us time and money. This would put a smile on anyone’s face!

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