Amazing Results, I am so Happy

Dear FlyLady!

I’ve been flying since January and it has truly changed my life! My perfectionism led me to procrastination and well, you know how that goes. I started by shining my sink, and thought you were crazy for suggesting this would motivate me but it worked!I had been relying on my own cleaning supplies but after reading rave reviews I decided to order the Essentials Package. I ordered on Saturday and received it Thursday (yesterday)! I tracked the package and must have run to the window 20 times thinking I’d heard the FedEx truck! When it arrived I dove in! I started with the FlyLady Feather Duster, then the Rubba Sweepa with amazing results!My husband said “The Sweepa has a squeegee on it, that’s amazing!” He was also happy that’s it’s a 3 in 1 system with the dry mop and mop head, so it takes up less space! I even have a special use for the FlyLady magnet – it’ll go on my dishwasher when I turn it on so my family knows it’s clean and won’t put dishes in it!Omgoodness I am so happy! I can’t wait to use the Rubba Swisha and Silver Rags today! Thank you!!!

Flybaby Robin Flying High in Boston

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