My House Was Clean

Love YourselfDear FlyLady,

I woke up this morning, started the coffee, and glanced around. Something felt different. Then it dawned on me, the house was clean. This is not unusual anymore, but I started thinking when did this happen? It’s been that way pretty much everyday for the last six months. It all finally kicked in and became a habit, not just for me, but for my entire family.

I am 46 years old and have been a hopelessly messy pack rat for most of my life and created a whole family of messies. I discovered your website three years ago. I felt so overwhelmed in the beginning. But, no matter how many times I fell off the wagon, I climbed back into your program. Now, my house is not spotless; I still have two children at home. But it has become a neat, happy, welcome haven for my family and I.

Strangers can drop by and I open the door with a smile and don’t think first before I show them to the bathroom. I don’t even mind if they sneak a peek in the bedroom (formerly a dismal cave that even I didn’t want to enter unless the lights were off and I was crawling into bed). Please understand, I wasn’t DIRTY. You know, like those TV shows where they go in and clean a disaster area. It just always look like Hurricane Kids had just ransacked the place.

After about six months, my hubby and 3 kids started appreciating when the house was clean and slowly started helping to keep it that way. The last to conform was my 11 year old daughter. Her room is tiny and had way too many toys and clothes for one person. Her grandmother and I, over the course of a weekend, helped her sort everything. A few of her favorite toys stayed, some were packed in the basement, in case she changed her mind. Others were given away, but most were thrown away. Same with the clothes. There are still occasional backslides, but never to the point of CHAOS.

I even gave up my dishwasher when it died. It takes me no longer to wash dishes as it used to load the dishwasher.

I no longer have to think about cleaning routines, they just happen! I now have time to relax, try out new recipes, take a walk, visit a neighbor, read a book, write, think….

Thank you FlyLady!!! You are a lifesaver!

Melanie in Greece


FlyLady here:  Routines and  BabySteps are the key to blessing yourself, your
family, and your home. They provide you with an opportunity to take a little time for yourself during the day. Acknowledge your efforts to yourself. You deserve this.

Learning to FLY is not an overnight quick fix. Start slow and you will one day
realize that your routines are in place and you can open your door to a

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