All Squeaky Clean Now!

Dear FlyLady,

When I received my Purple Rags two days ago, I felt the same excitement that I did when I opened my FlyLady Feather Duster about 13 years ago. I anticipated the fun I would experience with this new tool.

I washed the rags and hung them to dry according to your website instructions. I bought 3 packs of the “rags” so that if I liked them, I could give them away as gifts.

First thing I did was wash the window above the kitchen sink. I had not wanted to tackle that before the Purple Rags because I anticipated a long and drawn out window scrubbing ritual. With the Purple Rag, the task was accomplished in a few minutes. It was fun to make the glass squeaky clean simply with water.

I wondered about the “dirty-been-out-all-winter” glass-top outdoor furniture. I went back to your website of testimonials and found that other people had had the same inquiry. Tonight, after work, I tackled our glass-top outdoor table. It was caked in pollen, flower petals, and green algae.

A little container of warm water–No soap, no gloves, no strain on my arm hurt by carpal tunnel, no sweat, no pollution-and I washed that little table in about 20 minutes. I dumped the dirty water on a thirsty plant. I washed the Purple Rag in the same bucket with a drop of dish detergent, rinsed it and dried the same bucket with the little Purple Rag.

Water and a microfiber purple rag that bleeds a little purple dye-that is all I need to keep my house squeaky clean. I like that!!


A clean-freak in Portland, Oregon who wasn’t as clean as she thought she was, and who learned to control herself with the FlyLady Missions

FlyLady here: Our Retro duster is only going to be around for a few short days. Don’t wait to get yours. They are close to being sold out.

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