It’s Going to be A FlyLady Christmas

Dear FlyLady,

It’s going to be a FlyLady Christmas at my house this year! Found out my mom loves the rubba scrubba. She borrowed one from my aunt. So off to the FlyLady Shop I went! Mommy, Daddy, DD and DS are all getting 16oz water bottles in their stockings. My mother, MIL, aunt and myself are all getting purple rags in a bag! Hubby is getting the Clog Cannon!! Daughter has long curly hair and it clogs up the drain fast. Nothing works well on removing the clogs – nothing!!! He has tried everything, well almost everything!

I know they will all be used! I knew from others’ testimonials not to just get a water bottle for myself, because it would probably find its way back to college with my daughter or to swim practice with my son! Thanks for all you do! Especially helping me knock out Christmas shopping! Yippee!!

Fluttering Joyfully in Carmel, IN


FlyLady here: Way to FLY! It is difficult to figure out the best gifts that don’t turn into clutter. I love that you listened to your family and decided to do your shopping all at once! We so appreciate the testimonials we receive. They truly are a blessing to everyone who reads them and they truly are written by our FlyBabies! I can’t wait until your family opens their presents. I also love that you LOVED yourself enough to get something for YOU! Have a happy and blessed holiday!

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