My Shiny Piano

Dear FlyLady,

I have a grand piano with a shiny black finish – the kind that looks almost like a mirror.  I dust it each week with my feather duster, but that doesn’t do anything to the fingerprints, which show up the instant anyone
touches it anywhere.  I’ve been procrastinating shining it with the special wax I got when I bought it a few years ago because I knew using the wax would be a really big chore – you have to wipe it on and off in a rather short amount of time, and you have to be careful that you use the right kind of cloth because the finish is easily scratched.

Today when I was doing my weekly home blessing, I decided to try wiping the piano down with a very slightly damp purple rag (it was actually fresh out of the washing machine) and wouldn’t you know, it got rid of all of the fingerprints, the built-up wax residue from the last time I waxed it, and made it shiny, just with that tiny bit of water!  And it only took me a few minutes!  I no longer have to dread the long chore of shining my piano!  It was easy!

Thanks for a great product!

FlyBaby Jenni in Utah


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