What Are The Benefits of Being Disorganized?

I asked my readers to think about the benefits of being a SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive). Kathie’s story made me happy and I wanted to share it with you.


It’s funny…my kids and my daughter-in-law think I’m a wonderful housekeeper!  It has always been an uphill battle.  I remember, before Sidetracked Home Executives, being miserable, sitting in a house full of overwhelming work to be done.  Once I called my sister in desperation and said “If you will just tell me, what to do, I’ll do it!  I can’t even think!”

Once I got your book (a gift from my other sister) my life changed! My favorite things were things I could relate to — ie a mother who is a BO, rice in the popcorn popper, being surrounded by Bekin’s boxes all marked “miscellaneous”, having plenty of half-finished projects, having a sister in crime (or in my case, two!)

I got the box, the separators, the cards….I fell out of the box and got back in many, many times. My book is all marked up in the back as the children grew and we moved several times. But, I was creative and a perfectionist…we know how that goes.  I did manage to clean house every Saturday and mow the yard. Man, did I feel in control on Sunday mornings when we left for church!

My husband was the guy who didn’t change diapers. He took care of the cars, the garbage (sometimes) and he detailed the yard. He always kept the garage nice and neat. He was not a housekeeper. He’s been an above the knee amputee since he was 23. He’s 65 now.  He’s retired and he mops, vacuums, grocery shops, cooks dinner and cleans the kitchen!!! I will retire in September and I can’t wait to nest!  But this time no P word!!!

One thing I learned from you and Peggy was that my daughters’ were SHE’s too so instead of having a “Saturday room fit” like my baffled mother did, I went into my girls rooms with them and we cleaned up and organized together. It didn’t take forever and the hugs of appreciation and pride in my babies’ faces made it so worth it.

Thanks so much!  Back in 1981 I wouldn’t believe how nice things can be today!  And how thrilled I would have been to know I was talking to Pam Young, one of my all-time favorite authors!!!!!  I still have no sense of direction! My son-in-law tells me I don’t have enough iron in my nose! LOL!

Your fan and friend!

I was talking with a SHE friend yesterday and I asked her what the benefits of being a SHE were. She was quiet for a long time and then she said, “The advantages of playing with my kids with a sink full of dishes, and a million other undone chores, don’t always show up right away. I think it takes time for those results. In fact years!”

Then she laughed and said, “Oh my I just thought about the results! I have seven children who grew up as happy children with wonderful memories of their fun childhood and who turned into happy adults!” She told me she has a friend who is a BO and her chores were always done and she barely has a relationship with her adult children. How do we measure doing chores against playing with the kids?

If you haven’t thought about the benefits of your disorder, The Joy of Being Disorganized will help you see yourself in a new light. It just might be what’s standing in the way of you finally loving yourself.

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